Physical and 健康教育 Department


  • 哲学

    Xaverian's Physical Education Department provides students the opportunity to engage in physical activities that promote physical fitness, 团队合作, and problem-solving strategies in a safe and comfortable environment with the ultimate goal of developing young adults who understand the benefits of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Physical and 健康教育 Department Goals


  • Develop Cooperation, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship

    To develop the qualities of cooperation, 团队合作, and sportsmanship.
  • Develop Fitness, Motor Skills, and Appreciation for Physical Activity

    To develop fitness, motor 技能, and an appreciation of engaging in physical activity.
  • Develop Physically Literate Individuals

    To help develop physically literate individuals who enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

中学 and High School Courses


  • Genesis Physical Education

    第六届, 7th, and 8th-grade Physical Education course develops knowledge, 技能, and attitudes that are the key components of lifetime health and fitness. Students learn 技能 that will enhance their enjoyment of activities geared toward an active, 健康的生活, including team and individual sports and recreational activities. Our goal is to help the students to develop their minds and body through physical activities (team sports, functional fitness) while also having them appreciate the benefits of a 健康的生活style.  活动 include soccer, 篮球, 足球, 排球, a variety of recreational activities, and muscular strength and endurance training.
  • Freshman Physical Education

    The emphasis of the physical education program is on basic body movements, 健美操, achievement testing, 之前的比赛, sports fundamentals (篮球, 排球, 曲棍球, 手球, 区足球, 夺旗橄榄球, 和whiffle ball).
  • Sophomore Physical Education

    This course consists of a general conditioning program and a review of fundamental 技能 previously taught. Additional instruction of more advanced 技能 and team play are added within this program. Physical fitness testing relays and races are also included.
  • Junior Physical Education

    The principles of game 技能 and advanced team play are rapidly reviewed with an introduction to golf and the fundamentals of badminton. 人体力学, individual exercise programs in fundamental movements, physical fitness testing, apparatus and gymnastic 技能 round out the program.
  • Senior Physical Education

    Conditioning activities, participation in seasonal sports programs, physical fitness testing, self-testing apparatus 技能, choice of activities in accord with the wishes, 欲望, and needs of the individual are the essentials of the year's program.
  • 健康教育

    This course is offered to sophomores in response to the individual’s and society’s concern with the problems of drug/alcohol abuse. Students are provided with factual information and engage in discussion regarding some of the personal, 社会, 与健康有关, and legal aspects of this issue. In addition, significant attention is given to the basics of CPR.

Physical and 健康教育 Department Members


  • Photo of 布莱恩 麦卡特尼

    布莱恩 麦卡特尼 04

    Director of 体育运动; Physical & 健康教育 Department Chairperson
    (718) 836-7100 x192
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    得 Althoff 

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    维多利亚 Burgarella 

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    米歇尔 Chiusano 

    Assistant Director of 招生, 老师
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    迈克尔 Jioia 

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